We work with the major players in the international energy sector.

With extensive experience providing legal advice on all regulatory, contractual and financial aspects to companies and institutions in the sector.

We offer you a wide range of services in commercial and contractual disputes, regulatory aspects in the industry, commodities trading and corporate strategies - especially in the areas of liquid hydrocarbons, natural gas, electricity, renewable energies, and clean technology.


Extensive legal experience in energy sector with a specialized interdisciplinary team in each area.

Our practice includes counsel on regulatory, commercial and organizational aspects, (M & A and corporate restructurings), legal representation in litigation and arbitration in relation to the sector, energy trading operations, compliance, project financing, procurement (joint ventures; contracts specific to the sector and purchases/sales of energy) and regulatory aspects related to the oil & gas, electricity, and renewable energy sectors.


We work with the major players in the international energy sector.

Including multinational companies and producers of oil & gas, energy traders, energy project developers, owners of renewable energy facilities, midstream and coal operators, construction services companies, engineers, companies commercializing electrical energy and natural gas, as well as financial institutions, such as stock brokers, goodwill and hedge funds, and services related to these industries.

Our main goal is to try to build and fortify lasting relationships with our clients.

To this end, our dedication to service means that we commit to knowing about all the commercial, technical and specific aspects of your business, which enables us to successfully carry out each project and offer you the best value for your money.


Our team of lawyers benefits from extensive legal experience, in conjunction with a multidisciplinary team of economists, engineers and environmental experts who currently make up the Addenco team, providing solutions based on experience in fields as diverse as Finance, Engineering, and the Environment.

This multi-disciplinary approach to our work affords us an in-depth understanding of the legal, commercial and technical aspects of the energy industry, which allows us to successfully deal with transactions, regulatory procedures, contractual and regulatory disputes, and arbitration.

We are very attentive to the development of trends and innovation, so as to successfully face the new challenges posed by the energy sector.

Most of our professionals boast careers at the top national and international firms in fields such as Law, Consulting, Corporate Management, and Auditing, and maintain solid relationships with our clients by providing them with the resources necessary to furnish them with competitive advantages, boost their growth, and support them as they face the challenges before them.


Addenco is a company of the AddVANTE group created in 2007 to offer more specific services in the fields of Energy Law and Commodities & Trading, though it should be noted that since its inception more than 25 years ago AddVANTE targeted the Energy sector as one of its priorities for action.

Our firm works for the public sector, institutions and businesses, whether well established or still developing, that have interests in sectors like oil & gas, traditional energy, renewable energies, and energy efficiency, offering them its extensive experience and knowledge in this sector.


Interdisciplinary nature An interdisciplinary and global vision, which compels our professionals to pursue ongoing training and entails the interrelated nature of their knowledge, enables our teams to work to offer creative solutions focused on success.

A vocation for service Our approach to our work is clearly focused on the client, placing at his disposal all our knowledge, skills and personal determination to provide him with valuable service.

A commitment to ethics and confidentiality Our style, based on the ability to share information and knowledge, allows us to build relationships with our clients based on honesty and professionalism.