01 | OIL & GAS

Today oil and gas remain at the center of the energy supply chain.

The growing demand for oil and gas in developed countries, and especially in emerging ones, is pushing up prices. This means that the sector is of special interest, as it ensures long-term activity and the interest of investors.

At Addenco we are legal experts in advising on operations and transactions related to the Oil & Gas sector.

Our multi-disciplinary vision of the Energy sector, particularly Oil & Gas, allows us to offer comprehensive counsel on the execution of new projects involving mergers and acquisitions, funding sources, taxation, international commercial law, contract disputes, and environmental policies, among many others.

Liquid hydrocarbons

  • Counsel on the acquisition of transport operators and assets, and the purchase of petroleum products.
  • The processing of concessions, permits and authorizations for prospecting and production in the hydrocarbon sector.
  • The storage and trading of petroleum products.

Natural gas

  • Studies of the regulatory and contractual aspects involved in projects involving regasification plants, storage, gas pipelines and distribution networks.
  • Natural gas trading.
  • Counsel on the acquisition of gas-related companies and assets.
  • The drafting of natural gas provisioning contracts.


The electrical power industry is increasingly important to the functioning of the global economy.

Moreover, the complexity and specific nature of the most relevant aspects of the legislation pertaining to it are becoming more consequential.

  • Regulatory advice to electricity producers subject to both special and ordinary legal provisions.
  • Matters related to the provisioning of electricity (authorizations, registrations, contracts), trading (virtual auctions, physical contracts, derivatives) and emission rights.
  • The development, construction and operation of generation plants and other electrical assets.
  • Advice on operations involving the acquisition of companies and electrical assets.
  • Advice to financial institutions and developers on project finance for the construction, operation, and acquisition of electrical assets.
  • The negotiation of provisioning, tolling, turnkey construction, operation and maintenance contracts, etc.
  • CO2 capture, transport and storage projects.


Energy and emissions trading has become an important part of the energy industry.

Addenco actively responds to this demand by participating in all the legal aspects of energy-related financial commodities that are globally traded.

Our lawyers specialized in commodities trading support, represent and advise our clients, buyers and/or sellers on commercial transactions related to energy, international financial transactions, and commodities related to the energy sector, particularly oil & gas.


  • Addenco provides you with an interdisciplinary approach and the legal knowledge and support allowing you to deal with the challenges of a market for goods that is more and more complex and dynamic.

  • Our clients include multinational and oil & gas producing companies, developers of energy projects, midstream and coal operators, as well as financial institutions.


The political and economic instability in the energy sector has resulted in complex, high-value disputes in a series of jurisdictions.

In this regard our experience allows us to provide valuable answers and practical solutions adapted to the problems of international corporate clients, as well as smaller companies, on all the legal aspects involved in the Energy sector.

Addenco offers comprehensive advice and legal representation in courts for commercial and contractual disputes, as well as national and international arbitrations, for both national and international companies, government agencies, and regulating bodies.


Commercial and Contract Disputes

Our lawyers have extensive experience in international commercial disputes and their litigation, always employing a practical, results-oriented approach.

We have ample experience in international commercial disputes and aspects related to intermediation, compliance, the drafting and supervision of contracts and operation closures, project financing, and the regulatory issues involved in the oil & gas and alternative energy sectors. At the same time our lawyers offer our clients advice on a wide range of matters unrelated to litigation, including contracts, corporate affairs, employment and finance.

Our international support allows us to provide you with legal advice that is precise and swift, wherever the conflict takes place.

Corporate Disputes and Corporate Governance

Much of our work consists of corporate conflicts, such as breaches of contract and guarantee cases, disputes over the proper formulation of agreements, shareholder disputes, and conflicts involving joint ventures, post‐mergers and acquisitions.

We also regularly provide counsel in cases of litigation related to corporate governance; for example, in shareholder activist battles, disputes concerning public takeover bids, and forced sale procedures. Aware that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, we regularly advise our clients on risk management issues.

We understand that companies today are looking for lawyers who understand their business, so we take the time to do just that, offering a combination featuring experience in the sector and a broad geographic reach. We also know that a large number of corporate transactions these days can trigger disputes, which require support in the event of lawsuits during the preparation and execution phases.

We and our customers realize that an approach to a particular legal problem must be not only the best solution for the specific problem in question, but also one that does not damage other aspects of the clients business.

Energy Disputes

The growing impact of state intervention, coupled with the swelling competition for resources and stricter regulation, has also contributed to an increase in legal disputes.

We have provided counsel in many very high-profile cases in this area, effectively and efficiently managing conflicts in which hundreds of millions of dollars were at stake. These cases involved significant volumes of complex documentation and controversial issues.

We have an outstanding track record in helping our clients to avoid or resolve disputes and regulatory issues through negotiation, mediation, international arbitration, litigation, the determinations of experts, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.


The culture of sustainability is currently a priority on the agendas of most companies and governments.

Addenco, as a result of our extensive experience, is also present in the renewable energy market, advising both companies and investment funds on forms of power generation as diverse as hydraulic, solar, wind, biomass, and cogeneration.


We advise our clients on the regulatory, financial and technological aspects involved. More specifically, in the field of clean technologies we work together with our clients in areas such as energy efficiency, waste management, facilities management, environmental impact, the new sources of energy generation, and innovation in the field of smart cities.

We can help you with the promotion, construction and financing of renewable energy facilities, and studies of the regulatory, legal and financial aspects necessary for the execution of projects in a range of sectors: solar photovoltaic, solar thermoelectric, wind, offshore wind, biomass, biodiesel, cogeneration systems, hydraulic, etc., as well as in the drafting and processing of all kinds of permits and licenses.

Environmental management systems

The handling of initiatives aimed at minimizing carbon footprint and better managing climate change in general remain at the forefront of the political agenda, posing increasingly greater challenges for companies.

Addenco has participated in projects aimed at mitigating carbon-related impacts, and implementing and developing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies.

We can advise you in the areas of environmental strategy and awareness, carrying out environmental diagnoses and assessments, strategic plans, and specific training designed to meet your particular needs. We also incorporate into our product portfolio everything related to environmental studies, waste management, environmental vigilance, impact studies, and the drafting of guides and good environmental practices, among others.

Environment Regulatory

The global economic slowdown has led to significant corporate restructuring, the closure of factories, and the suspension of certain activities. Environmental issues are often key considerations in these decisions, given the need for companies to minimize environmental impact and long-term hazards.

At Addenco we advise companies on a variety of regulation sectors, permits and issues related to regulatory compliance, in areas such as air and water pollution, waste management and transport, soil pollution, noise reduction and hazardous substances.

We are also experts on issues of health and safety in transactions, in an independent way. This encompasses everything from strategic issues related to responsibilities for safety and health to practical guidance on issues of health and safety, relationships with contractors, and health and safety procedures. We can also help you prevent bribery and corruption problems related to environmental compliance issues.

Management models and systems

Our extensive experience preparing companies for certification allows us to offer matchless service in the maintenance, development and improvement of your quality and environmental management systems through the implementation of certifiable management protocols.

Our job is to correctly identify your organizations processes, classifying and documenting them, to ultimately analyze and improve them.

Addenco can help you to equip your business with strategies and mechanisms that ensure continuous improvement and promote competitiveness through, among other things, the following specific or industry management models:

• Quality Certifications (ISO 9001, EFQM, ICTE)
• Environment (ISO 14001, EMAS, ISO 14004)
• Social Responsibility (ISO 26001 ‐ IQ NET SR10)
• Energy Efficiency (ISO 50001)
• Occupational Safety and Health (OHSAS 18001)


We Advise in all the regulatory aspects applicable to energy activities

At Addenco we advise our clients on issues such as trade in physical commodities (in the short term and long term), commercial contracts for basic financial products specifically related to Energy, and emission trading (including hedging of energy prices and the related counterparty credit risk), and shipping and commercial disputes, among others.


  • We can help you with all the regulatory aspects applicable to energy activities and the companies that engage in these activities, including the processing of administrative authorizations, maintaining ongoing relationships with regulating bodies and the competent government agencies.


We are aware that the new energy situation generates a series of opportunities and threats that call for the definition of strategies that make it possible to address the new challenges they pose.

Most corporate strategies that work in the energy sector go hand in hand with their corresponding financing models, and require a high degree of specialization and professionalism in order for processes to be undertaken in a structured and systematic way.

At Addenco we have extensive experience and knowledge of international markets and the management models to analyze and assess business opportunities rooted in the energy field, and to propose the most appropriate strategies for each company, according to its needs and objectives.

In this regard, we offer counsel that will help you to define and structure your companys competitive position in the industrial processes and business value chain.

For industrial companies that carry out their activities in the field of renewable energies, we advise them on everything from the acquisition of raw materials to the operation of power plants and from the vertical integration of the production chain to outsourcing, depending upon the resources and strategic position they wish to enjoy in the long term.



In a dynamic field that is still taking shape such as renewable energies it is difficult to establish an optimal position at both the market and product levels. Thus, it is necessary to analyze the most appropriate corporate strategies to improve ones competitive situation.

Our team collaborates on the definition of strategies to maximize your companys value.

In this regard we can offer you our collaboration, which can cover from the definition and preparation of the strategic plan in the sector to the elaboration of alternatives in the form of acquisitions, mergers, divestment, strategic alliances or cooperation agreements.

Transaction services

No merger or acquisition process creates value in and of itself unless the benefits and synergies that allow a company to obtain an advantage vis-a-vis its competition are thoroughly analyzed.

This type of process requires a high degree of specialization and professionalism in order to be undertaken in a structured and systematic way.

Our experience in this area and our interdisciplinary nature allow us to provide a level of highly satisfactory service in all areas of the transaction, including the planning of the operation, the preparation of prospectuses, assessments of the business or branch of activity, the drafting of viability plans, the preparation or execution of due diligence processes, the negotiation and preparation of contracts and, in general, all the necessary support until the closing of the transaction.

Financial advice

Our work for more than fifteen years in the field of project finance consulting in the Energy sector has provided us with extensive experience with regards to the definition of strategies and the search and selection of structured financing operations.

Our work includes aspects ranging from the elaboration of business plans to advice on the structuring of financial operations, the selection and negotiation of financial bids, and the economic and legal review of financing contracts.